• You're an aspiring online coach, unsure of how to make your business a reality
  • You're a new coach, struggling to get consistent clients
  • You've had a few clients but you don't have a system in place that keeps them coming
  • Sales feels scary and icky ... so you haven't been making any
  • You're hitting roadblocks when it comes to showing up as an authority online
  • It feels impossible to convert your followers into high ticket clients
  • You feel called to serve others but feel you don't have the skills or knowledge to do so
  • You wish you could help more people get amazing results from your programs
  • You wish you could attract high paying clients excited to work with you just from posting online


  • You could turn comments into payments effortlessly 
  • You are able to offer your coaching services and sign clients with confidence
  • You have a step by step proven roadmap to hit $10k months
  • You know how to grow your social media, be a leader in your niche, and launch new programs over and over again 
  • You got so clear on your gifts, your services, and your ideal client that your business became fun and financially freeing
  • You were handed the skills and proven strategies to launch your business now and finally quit that 9-5 to finally be your own boss
  • You had a coach who grew her instagram to 80k and scaled her online biz to 6 figures in 6 months teaching you her secrets and supporting you every step of the way
  • In 90 days, you've launched your business to a full client roster and know how to do it again and again


Goddess Boss Mastermind?

The GoddessBoss Mastermind is an intimate, results-driven, step-by-step program for the heart-centered coach or service-based entrepreneur (VA, Social Media Manager, Nutritionist, etc) who wants to change lives through her work. Whether you’re new or aspiring, your business will skyrocket to 5 figure months ($5K-$10K) within 90 days.

This program will give you the exact tools, strategy, and support needed to start and scale your online business using the power of SOULcial media to make real sales and grow a tribe of dream clients. If you want to become the authority in your niche and build a sustainable, scalable business online that you love, GBM is for you. 

Inside of GBM, you will learn how to systematize your gifts to begin signing high-ticket clients now, create an irresistible offer, create content that converts with ease, cultivate your ideal client, master sales in captions, DM’s, and on the phone, grow your following, and proven launch strategies to create huge impact and income in your online business. 

What students are saying...

Holly H. - Purpose Career Coach

Christina S. - Relationship Expert 

Amanda J - Self Mastery Coach

Emily M. - Confidence Coach 


✦  Have a freedom based business that uses social media to sell out every launch 

✦  You’ll have confidence in creating and selling new offers easily and authentically 

 Have proven strategies and systems for growing your business exponentially 

✦  Know how to create valuable content that converts your followers into clients

✦  Have an amazing community to support you in reaching your goals 

If Your Soul Is Screaming Yes, This Is for YOU!

Picture this:

Your Instagram is perfectly positioned as a tool to share your irresistible offer to your dream clients with proven methods to convert 

You’ve elevated your mindset from scared newbie to business boss who’s a master at selling in captions, dms, and sales calls in a way that feels amazing.

You have proven systems and structures to launch again and again and grow your business online without spending a dime on ads. 

Your messaging is so powerful, it attracts and converts your ideal clients just by sharing what you already.  


Soul's Purpose



What you'll learn...

Illuminate Your Purpose, Create Client Clarity, Grow Your Social Media


In this stage not only will we get super duper clear on your goals, the driving force of your business, and the role of social media – but we’ll also cultivate immense clarity on who you’re here to serve.

Knowing your purpose and your ideal client is half the battle, but with this covered we can start to strengthen your social presence to begin converting and drawing in soulmate clients even before you have an offer. Mhmmm, your energy and vision is that powerful!

We will rebuild your social media to begin calling in your tribe of loyal followers, and overhaul your mindset to heal any leftover limiting beliefs in the way of your success.

Become An Authority and Magnetize Your Clients


It’s time to take you from “wannabe” to authority in your niche. Here, I will teach you how to position yourself as a master of your practice so that you’re not only a desired teacher, but you’re an irresistable coach.  

You’ll learn the specific research based methods on how to get inside your ideal clients head so that every post you make and message you craft feels like you’re reading their mind and literally magnetizes them to you.  

This means developing the right messaging that creates awareness of your clients problems, highlights you as the solution, and creates urgency to work with you. And we can’t forget that the HOW is just as important as the WHAT, so be prepared to unlock how to implement your magnetic message across various arenas (IG post vs story) in a skillful, sellable way.  

From here on out, you’ll begin thinking like a business boss! 

Craft Your Offer & Easy Launch Strategy That Converts


Now that you know who your ideal client is and exactly how to reach them (you might even have a captive audience at this point who’s just waiting for you to release something so they can hurl their credit cards at you)… it’s time to create your perfect, soul-aligned offer that’s irresistible to your tribe.  

Whether you want to create a high ticket offer, create a 1:1 coaching package, or launch a self taught course, in this phase you will learn how to create an offer, the strategy building building it as a business, and how to launch it with ease and success.  

Because just as important as WHAT you offer is HOW you offer it, and that’s where my high converting launch strategy and proven social outreach techniques come in. Everything you learn here will guide you how to get eyeballs on you and your program, leverage social proof, and convert eyeballs into customers.  

From pricing your offer, creating high converting sales pages, and my proven launch process these techniques will give you the roadmap to a sustainable online business that is fun, easy, and a money maker (without a single moment of guesswork).  

Ready to sell out your works of high service and be compensated highly for it?  

Master Soulful Sales & Scalable Systems


Scared of selling? Don’t worry babe, you’ll never have to fear selling every again with my proven systems of sharing your services and highly effective practices. Close soulmate clients with ease. We’ll help you transform your mindset from “icky, pushy, salesy” to confident, classy, and impactful.  

Listen closely: Selling is an act of giving. Here you’ll learn how to integrate this mindset and embody wealth consciousness. No clue how to close in the DM’s or what to say on a call with a potential client? You’ll get my complete sales process: done for you scripts included to set you up for immense abundance, so you can worry about SERVING (not struggling).  

Learn how to create a practical sales process that works for you and your business. You’ll gain knowledge on the best systems, tools, and business practices for your online coaching and implement the *right* systems the first time so you can expand with ease. 

Ready to launch your abundant business? ↡ ↡

More GBM Success Stories

Hello Beautiful Sister!

My name is Jenay, aka Namaste Jenay -Transformational Life Coach, Mindset & Self Mastery Expert, and Online Business Guru!

I’ve gone from corporate warrior who tried to force herself into a mold of life to please others, while struggling with unbearable anxiety and depression…. to full-time dream chaser and creator of my own soul-aligned, 6 figure online coaching business – soon to be empire!  

What makes me different? My loyal tribe of 80K humans know me as the gal who “doesn’t mess around”, “who changes lives because she’s meant to”, and who “cares beyond the numbers”. I’m not your typical online entrepreneur who’s here to tell you “how it is”. No, no, no my dear. I’m here to support you in the unveiling of your soul’s purpose and give you the tools, container, and strategies necessary to take that passion and cultivate it into a thriving service based business that FEELS fantastic, sustains with ease, and brings more light into this world.

I am proof that you can have the success desire and live your purpose at the same time.

Are you ready to join the sisterhood of GODDESS BOSSES who are making a big impact and bigger income?

Course Bonuses ↡ ↡

  • 12 Group Coaching Calls and Modules ($5,000 value)
  • 6 Figure Celebrity Guest Experts ($4000 value)
  • 1 SOS Call with Jenay ($500 value)
  • Unlimited Support in Private FB Group ($3,000 value)
  • 180 Degree Transformation in your business (invaluable)
  • Mindset CEO Makeover ($1000 value)
  • Lifetime Access to ALL of Namaste Jenay's Current Course Content ($3500 value)
    - Manifest Your Best Self Ebook ($97 value)
    - Confidence Masterclass ($497 value)
    - Goddess Boss Mastermind ($4000 value)
    - Your Own Healing ($1500 value)

Boss Baaabe!!!

THAT'S $17,000 IN VALUE...







What Would The Version Of You Who Already Has A Six Figure Business Do?

  • Would She Invest In Herself?
  • Would She hold Her Vision High Even When Fear Is Trying To Hold Her Back?

You Fucking Bet She Would

What students are saying...


The answer to your prayers silly! The #GoddessBoss Mastermind is a super supportive, step-by-step 90-day intimate group program for heart-centered women who want to change lives through their purpose. This will give you the exact tools, strategy, and support needed to launch or scale your online service-based coaching program or course using social media to make real sales and grow a tribe of aligned soulmate clients. This program is ONLY for you if you want to go from “wannabe” / “newbie” to an authority in your space who is conquering her craft and utilizing the power of magnetic messaging to build a sustainable, heart-centered business online… that she absolutely LOVES.

So much! This is a highly intimate, high touch program, meaning that you’ll be fully supported by Jenay every step of the way. With weekly coaching calls and 24/7 access inside our exclusive FB community, you’ll also have access to 1 SOS call with Jenay over the course of the program. If you want more 1:1 time, you need to grab one of the 3 VIP options.  

Once the program sells out, we’ll begin! The container lasts for 90 days.  

Don’t worry boo! We will determine the call schedules & times as a collective once the program is full! We will poll your availability and cross reference to find the best times. All calls are recorded and posted within the group! They’ll also be added into course modules for lifetime viewing.

PS. Babe

If you’re done trying to “figure it out” on your own, and you’re ready to create a profitable online coaching business in 90 days… 

The Universe guided you because you’re READY. 

How do I know? You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.  

It’s divine timing, sister!