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Manifest Your Best Self is the first ebook by Namaste Jenay!

While there are countless ebooks for fitness or starting a yoga practice, this ebook was created out of an authentic need for self-development.

It has 65 pages of in-depth explanations on meditation, manifestation, mantras, the law of attraction, self-love and more. It is complete with practices you can start today to create a wellness shift in your life. Remember, your thoughts create your reality. Not in love with your current situation? Stressed out? Got the everyday blues? Curious about how to get a grasp on that greatness you seek?

It starts here.

Jenay will be with you every step of the way to help you separate from whatever is weighing you down (anxiety, sadness, stress, and consuming states of the ego to name a few) so that you can step into the life you desire filled with gratitude and incredible gifts.

It’s time to manifest your best self.



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