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about the course:

6 Week Coaching Intensive with Namaste Jenay

​Heal Your Wounds. Transform Your Life.

Through the teaching of powerful techniques, Jenay will guide you to identify your limiting beliefs and blocks, recognize and rewrite your stories, fill your energetic drains, overcome traumas, change your thought-patterns, and finally free yourself from what is no longer serving you!

No matter what you are seeking to heal – a relationship with another person, a specific trauma, a toxic tendency or habit, or anxieties towards everyday life – you will find incredible relief and healing through this course.

This journey will equip you for the rest of your life. It is your birthright to live in a place of joy, to access a constant stream of wellbeing and abundance that is always flowing to you. All you have to do is allow it. Start now with this simple statement: “I welcome my healing.”

Ready to start YOUR personal transformation?

"So much of what I have learned over the course of my YOH journey has changed my life for the better. It is true - the more you put in, the more you get out. I am forever grateful for the practical tools, guidance, & support provided by Coach Jenay & the other incredible women in my group."
Katie L.
"Thank goodness for YOH!!! I was in dire need of a change and guidance on how to start my healing. Jenay is a kind, vibrant, and nurturing light leader who truly cares about her clients and our development. She used her heart, intuition, knowledge of many teachings and personal experience to help shift me from a stagnant state to a state of motivation and confidence. With the tools, sisterhood and support in YOH, I finally had what I needed to begin taking actual steps that had a positive impact on my being. I'm so glad I finally chose to invest in myself with someone who gave me concrete steps and tools, in addition to energetic support, to begin creating the life I dream of living!"
Lisa S.
“I was hesitant to sign up for Jenay’s course as I was recently unemployed and tight on cash. A few days later I received a check for nearly the exact amount of the course. I honestly thank the universe for giving me this immense blessing of finding Jenay and trusting in the universe to take this course has it has dramatically impacted the course of my life. Without a doubt I would recommend this to anyone looking to make a shift in their lives. I spent $25K for a 1:1 session with a famous coach, and this program blew that out of the water!!!!"
Christina C.


  • 6 Weeks
  • 6 Live Video Coaching Calls
  • 6 Modules (5-10 Chapters Each)


  • Unlimited 1:1 Calls for Extra Support
  • Unlimited Text support
  • Private Facebook Community of Aligned Women
  • "Manifest Your Best Self" eBook
  • Weekly SoulWork Homework
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • PDF Technique Tutorials
  • Guided Meditations
  • Forever Access to Course Material
"I made more progress in 6 weeks with YOH than in the several years I spent working on my own! I have struggled with depression for several years, but now I am so much more confident in my ability to pick myself back up and keep going. I have more mentally nutritious thoughts after YOH and am also more connected to my true self than I've ever been! I now have the tools to face life's challenges without feeling lost and alone. Having YOH and Jenay in my life has made all the difference."
Allison G
"Being part of the YOH program was the best decision I could have made. With me being depressed, having no faith in the Universe and my life anymore and just felt stuck and like I‘ve lost my way, Jenay offered me a new way of living. With her loving support and the tools I‘ve learned she helped me to free my happy me, my real me that was hidden for so long, and it changed every other aspect of my life. I found joy in my work again, my relationships changed, and I just feel overall happy and amazing and can’t wait to see what life has in store for me."
Kim S.
"I found SO much more than I could've imagined on this journey. I grew up feeling like an outcast with no confidence and immense worry. I suffered from weekly anxiety attacks. I haven't had an anxiety attack since starting YOH in November 2018 and I just don't know how to express the gratitude I have for Jenay and this program. I am crying while writing this because this course this course changed my life and I am SO SO SO happy I took the leap to join. My healing is now so deep it's irreversible and I get to live the life of my dreams because I know I'm worthy of it."
Kirsten P.

Ready to start YOUR personal transformation?

"I had never before expressed my anxieties and feelings to someone who has actually 100% understood every word I was saying. Jenay heard every word and was able to give specific advice to every little thing I said. After hearing what she had to say, it became very clear that the advice she gave and the tactics she shared with me were from years of experience of her working on her own wellness. Within the first few minutes of our call it was clear how much she cared about me and my wellbeing. It was evident how strong her will was to put me on the right path to begin bettering my mental and emotional health. If you are considering working with Jenay, DO NOT HESITATE. And once you talk to Jenay, you'll quickly learn that she really can do that for you."
Alex L.
"Working with Jenay has been truly eye-opening and quite frankly life-changing in just 6 short weeks. I've experienced changes in myself, my mindset and how I choose to take on the day! This is all thanks to Jenay's guidance to help me structure the key tools needed to overcome anxiety, stress and underlying fears! We all have roots and Jenay has helped me reach down into mine and take inventory of my own emotional and mindful state. It's changed how I choose to view major and minor decisions and moments in my daily life. She's quickly become someone who I trust whole-heartedly, whom I know has my very best interest in mind and who wants to see me succeed! Lucky to have found her and to know her! This is a truly wonderful experience."
Gaby F.
"At the completion of our first call I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and was filled with not only a deep appreciation for her but a renewed drive to fulfill my purpose and accomplish all the goals we came up with." I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for clarity, peace of mind, and a much needed spiritual kick in the butt."
Tim W.


Your Own Healing is a 6 week coaching intensive program for women who are ready to overcome limiting beliefs, heal wounds and triggers, re-write old stories, change their habits, improve their emotional intelligence and master their mindset. 
You will learn a mixture of ancient and modern healing modalities, and how to easily apply them into your everyday life to create incredible shifts, allowing you to shed what is no longer needed and embody the highest version of yourself. 
It is common for people who go through this program to have a spiritual awakening and fix relationships or find the strength to leave toxic ones, change careers to follow their hearts, connect with their intuition and life’s purpose, find a passion, and step into their power as a divine powerful woman. 
You get SO much access to me including weekly 60 minute group calls, weekly 1:1 catch-up calls (20 minutes), and 24/7 access inside a private text message app and exclusive Facebook group. 
When you commit to your Self through working with me, I show up powerfully to ensure you are supported and getting the results needed. 
If you want unlimited access to Jenay and deeper 1:1 support, the VIP option is for you! 
The program includes 6 modules, over 6 weeks, and 6 intimate group coaching calls, along with 1:! support. 
1 module is released per week and each module has anywhere from 5-10 lessons. Each lesson is a recorded video of Jenay speaking directly to you, accompanied by beautiful worksheets and downloadable pdf exercises. 
Each module is a building block teaching a new lesson, method or practice that creates the foundation for your healing and transformation. Your questions will always be answered, and clarity always given. The content is constantly being updated and deepened! You also get lifetime access to this content. 
The coaching calls will be determined based on the groups availability so we do our best to ensure everyone can attend! 
If you cannot attend, do not fear! The calls are ALL recorded and posted in the Facebook group so that you can watch those and gain the experience this way.
We’ve had students in the program all around the world and at all different time zones, so don’t let “time” deter you from taking this step for yourself love!
The program is run anywhere from 4-6 times annually and *always* fills up because it is incredibly powerful and known as the most effective personal development program available today! 
The next program will tentatively begin on 3/25. If you feel called (and you do because you’re here), don’t wait – apply now to book your free discovery call with Jenay and see if it’s the right fit!
This program is an experience that collapses 6+ years of healing into 6 weeks. It is NOT an online course, it is so much more than that. 
Not only is the program infused with powerful practices, down to earth techniques, and real application but it actually works. You will begin to see major shifts in your life, thinking, and emotions within the first two weeks. That’s a promise. 
You get the support, empowerment, ego-kicking, guidance, and teaching needed to deeply impact your value in who you are and change the way you experience the world in the BEST ways. 
I take your healing personally – and that’s why this program works for those who are ready! 
YOU. You have felt a call to do this work and shed old layers of expectations, subconscious limiting beliefs, and ego-mindedness. Follow the call. Everything that you want is on the other side of fear, doubt, and anxiety.
This is your sign, my love. Click here to apply and get on a call with Jenay!
*Not everyone who applies will be accepted into the program as it is very important that it’s a good fit for both you and Jenay. 

Join my tribe for all the good vibes and lessons in spiritual self development!